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Full-Day Pre-K - Owl Class

Our classroom is a play-based environment. Our learning experiences are developmentally appropriate and child guided. As teachers, we thoughtfully plan activities and experiences that  create a problem solving, kind and contributing classroom community. We provide a process curriculum that encompasses experiences in, and draws upon many disciplines including, math, language, literacy, science, art, music, social studies, dramatic play, health,  and physical environment. At Climbing Tree Community School, we provide a community support based environment where the ultimate goal is to encourage and instill a love of learning.


My name is Corinne, and I was born in Paris. I moved to Tucson in 1994. I am married, have two adult sons and two grandsons.Since I was a little girl, my dream was to be a Teacher. I have a Bachelor Degree in Early childhood and Elementary education.I have been working in this field since1982 and with this program since 1994.My goal is to instill in young children the love of learning, being responsible, kind, and helping them acquire knowledge through play and hands-on activities. I see the importance of a loving, nurturing, community environment to a child's growth and development. Taking part in preparing my students for the world is such a privilege. My Hobbies are art, yoga, meditation, knitting and reading. 

My name is Bobbie. I have been working in preschool for a few years now and I will say they have been the best years ever. I graduated from Central Arizona College where I received their Development Completion Certification Certificate (ECE). I am really looking forward to an amazing year with your children and I cannot wait to watch them learn and grow.

 My name is Amber and I was born and raised here in Tucson Arizona. I Graduated from Tanque Verde Highschool and am currently in college working towards my Early Childhood Education Degree. I have a passion for working with young kids and took after my mom, who is a teacher herself. I love getting to teach my students new skills and concepts through play based learning. Outside of work I enjoy hiking, camping, photography, and spending time with friends and family!

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