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1/2 Day Pre-Kindergarten Program - Nature Room

The Nature Classroom is an inquiry-based classroom that embraces exploratory learning through developmentally appropriate practices. Our classroom has an emphasis on STEAM and play-based learning. Children learn when they are engaged and excited about the subject. By creating curriculum based on the child’s interest, we foster a lifelong love of learning.

Our classroom focuses on kindness and creating emotional intelligence. When children are giving the language to understand and communicate their emotions, they are giving the ability to think critically and problem solve independently. When children can problem solve, they have the power create positive interactions and empathy for others. We are a Kind Campus and much of our kindness curriculum comes from the local organization Ben’s Bells.


Lead Teacher - Anna Kolb 

I'm Anna Kolb and I have been working in Early Childhood Education for over 15 years, and another 10 years with elementary school children.  I am originally from Berkeley, Ca, but I have lived in Tucson with my husband and two daughters since 2003.  I studied Conservation and Resource Studies and Forestry at UC Berkeley, where I fell in love with Environmental Education and teaching children about the natural world we live in.  My hobbies include, reading, gardening, and painting, and art.  I am always excited to learn something new!  

I am an inquiry-based teacher with a Reggio approach and training in Systems Thinking.  Basically, what that means is we have a whole lot of fun learning in our class! I believe learning should be engaging and active.  I love bringing community into our classroom and I am exciting to be in a part of CommunityShare’s fellowship for the third year in a row.  I inspire to model my own love of learning to our youngest learners.  

Teaching Assistant - Carmelita Levin 

I’m Carmelita! I was born in Philadelphia, but have spent most of my life in Tucson. I am currently pursuing my Associate's in Fine Arts from Pima College, and I love doing anything Artsy. My current favorite mediums to create with are Oil, Watercolor, Clay, and beadwork. A goal I have is to inspire every child that they are an artist too, and to help them tap into their creative genius. I discovered how much I loved working with young children while working as a children's art teacher in Nogales. I have only had the privilege of working at Climbing Tree for a short time but I have treasured my time here so much that I am making plans to get my degree in Early Childhood Development!

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