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Family Testimonials

Jendar D.

"Climbing Tree is absolutely fantastic. It is a loving, supportive community. My child spent 2 years here and I could think of no better experience. The teachers are amazing and go above and beyond. Everyday my child was happy to go to school and everyday he came home joyfully talking about what they did and his friends. It is truly a gem. Art, STEM, life skills are all part of the curriculum and conveyed in a fun and engaging way. Hands down, best early child education."

Natalia F.

"Climbing Tree is a wonderful preschool with incredible staff. It’s clear that each and every child is known and cared for with genuine affection and skill. My kids have so much fun with their friends and teachers, they sometimes hide from me at pick up time. We all love Climbing Tree!"

Susie M.

"This is a special school with a warm, caring and safe community for young children and their families. The staff are all incredible! I feel like my child is truly loved and appreciated for who he is at this school. They are so creative and fun with how they teach young children! We are so grateful for Climbing Tree!"

Tim G.

"Climbing Tree Community School has been a beautiful "family" for all three of my kids to grow. The teachers not only care deeply about kids, but they are skilled professionals who helped my kids grow tremendously. I absolutely recommend taking a tour and experiencing the magic yourself!"

Jamie K.

"Love Climbing Tree! Thank you to all the amazing teachers and staff here! We will miss their sweet and personal attention to our little one as we move forward! 😭 our kiddo says he wishes he could go back! Such a great experience for the little ones and us as parents! :)"

Chelsey R.

"Climbing Tree has been such a positive and impactful experience for my son. Every Teacher and Member of the faculty are so attentive to each student and truly value how important early education is!"

Sarah F.

"Climbing Tree Community School has such a welcoming and supportive environment for our little guy. I couldn't be happier with the enrichment and educators!! My son has learned so much since he started two years ago. Love them!!!"

Mike R.

""We had a fantastic experience with Climbing Tree. The staff and community are wonderful and our son loved his time there. I was also really impressed with the educational quality and, in particular, his teacher Sarah."

Kristi R.

"We’ve spent five years at this school between my two children. Quality, early childhood education. The staff is wonderful, extremely experienced, creative, caring and consistent. This school epitomizes community. They care about each other and their families. Great balance between social/emotional instruction and academics. I credit much of my children’s elementary school success to attending Climbing Tree!"

Deborah P.

"I cant say enough positive thing ls about Climbing Tree Community School. I have never experienced such a warm, welcoming, loving environment. Our triplets attended preschool there for two years and they grew and learned so much during that time. Their teachers genuinely LOVED them and the love was reciprocated by our trio. We live far away from the school, but we made the drive every day because it was the only place we found that checked all of our boxes while making us feel 100% comfortable and confident about their safety and development. I love all of the hands on learning and emphasis on art and music. My trio would come home having learned all kinds of interesting facts. They are ahead of the game this year in kindergarten since they can all write their own name and identity the letters of the alphabet. The teachers from Climbing Tree even drove all the way out to where we live to attend the trios 5th birthday party during the summertime!! Tears come to my eyes as I write this review - you won’t find a better place than this. All of this and they were also the most AFFORDABLE preschool that we came across. If you still aren’t sure, just give Ms. April (the amazing director) a call and arrange for a tour. Once you meet her, you will know for sure that your family will be in good hands. She cares deeply about the school and all of the kids and it definitely comes across."

Nicki R.

"I found Climbing Tree school through a serendipitous series of events and enrolled my kiddo there the first year they opened! After staying home with me for 2 years with no daycare or anything I needed to get him prepared for kindergarten and get some socializing. So, I enrolled him in the pre-k program. After meeting him and interacting with him the admin and teachers suggested that he go to kindergarten (even though his September birthday was after the cut-off). I thought it was a great idea! So, he did kindergarten with a small class of 8 students, and we made the best friends of our lives from that one year. April Turner and her teachers are so caring and engaged and uplifting! Climbing Tree included the parents in everything and encouraged us to get to know each other. They had fun events and he got back into a real routine and social life. I got to spend a lot of time volunteering there, making garden boxes and planting food and flowers with the teachers and kiddos. Mrs. Sarah, who was Leo’s first teacher, was so amazing and he just loved her. She was informative and sent out detailed emails every single week about the children’s progress together and individually complete with photos and all. These emails were awesome because 5-year-olds leave a lot of details behind when you ask about their days! I don’t know how much time it took to prepare these emails, but it had to be a huge chunk of time and she did it all for us! I cannot express how happy I was we decided to put him into Climbing Tree, he learned so much that he was ready for kindergarten this year and is now reading at a first-grade level. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to really be involved and wants teachers that really care and are engaged. This school will always have a big piece of our hearts and always be in our fondest memories!"

Marion M.

"Amazing staff here. My 4yo looks forward to seeing his friends and teachers here. We had a terrible experience at another preK and to see the difference in my child’s demeanor from the other, not so safe program to one where he feels safe and respected is powerful to witness. I am beyond grateful for Climbing Tree Community School
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