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Family Testimonials

I found Climbing Tree school through a serendipitous series of events and enrolled my kiddo there the first year they opened! After staying home with me for 2 years with no daycare or anything I needed to get him prepared for kindergarten and get some socializing. So, I enrolled him in the pre-k program. After meeting him and interacting with him the admin and teachers suggested that he go to kindergarten (even though his September birthday was after the cut-off). I thought it was a great idea! So, he did kindergarten with a small class of 8 students, and we made the best friends of our lives from that one year. April Turner and her teachers are so caring and engaged and uplifting! Climbing Tree included the parents in everything and encouraged us to get to know each other. They had fun events and he got back into a real routine and social life. I got to spend a lot of time volunteering there, making garden boxes and planting food and flowers with the teachers and kiddos. Mrs. Sarah, who was Leo’s first teacher, was so amazing and he just loved her. She was informative and sent out detailed emails every single week about the children’s progress together and individually complete with photos and all. These emails were awesome because 5-year-olds leave a lot of details behind when you ask about their days! I don’t know how much time it took to prepare these emails, but it had to be a huge chunk of time and she did it all for us! I cannot express how happy I was we decided to put him into Climbing Tree, he learned so much that he was ready for kindergarten this year and is now reading at a first-grade level. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to really be involved and wants teachers that really care and are engaged. This school will always have a big piece of our hearts and always be in our fondest memories!

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We chose to attend Climbing Tree because of the connection between families and the caring teachers show for every child. The community is full of inclusive, fun, and play-based learning. Both of my daughters attended the school and have had almost every teacher. Because of their time at Climbing Tree, they have become caring, kind humans who are emotionally and socially prepared for kindergarten.


Thank you for an amazing year. We were so glad that you and the team were able to make the transition to Climbing Tree. Your leadership and resolve through this first year have been so appreciated. I don’t know of another school – pre-k or otherwise- that had been able to maintain mask usage all year long (two including St. Mark’s). I rant and rave about Climbing Tree to anyone with small kids at U of A because of the details like that.

Beyond masks, the most important part of our experience with Climbing Tree is knowing that Mateo is with people who really care for him. His teachers, the subs, and all the way to you. This is a special team of educators, and we will always cherish the time we spent with all of you. THANK YOU!


We appreciate the experiences you’ve given Liam and Braya this year! Thanks!

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Knowing that your child is safe and well cared for is the first priority when enrolling them in a preschool. Climbing Tree Community School does this and so much more. They have created a rich culture of creativity through play-based learning, social-emotional development, and FUN! My child is not just doing well, he is THRIVING within this community. I am so grateful to have found them!

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