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Kindergarten - An Seomra Bláthanna

Our Kindergarten curriculum is thoughtfully and intentionally planned to meet the individual needs and development of each child. Lessons are designed in alignment with Arizona Early Learning Standards and Arizona Kindergarten Standards. Your child will have the opportunity to move through these different areas each week, developing their skills and confidence in each of these areas. Climbing Tree Community School believes that young children are naturally curious and interested in exploring the world through joyful learning. We will foster this curiosity throughout the year and introduce your children to a wide range of kindergarten content in a developmentally appropriate and child-led manner. We recognize that our students are individuals who grow and develop at their own pace. We will encourage your children to become independent thinkers, problem solvers, kind friends, and caring community members confident in their abilities. Our intention is to give your children a solid foundation so they will be ready for their future. 


Hello everyone! Sarah is ainm dom, My name is Sarah. I am from Ireland, and that’s where our class name comes from, it’s in Irish! I have been living in Tucson and working in Early Childhood Education since 2012. I live here with my husband and our two very adorable dogs, but the rest of my family lives in Ireland. I have an undergraduate International Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education from NAU. I am currently working on my second Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction through ASU. I enjoy spending time outdoors walking, running, and hiking. I also enjoy reading and exploring new fiber arts!

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