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Look Over Here!

If you have been driving past Blenman Elementary School this weekend, you might have noticed something new along the fence on Bentley Avenue and the corner of Country Club and Elm...

Get your drumroll ready!

Climbing Tree Community School officially has signage!

We are getting closer and closer to moving into our new home! If you haven’t already seen our new signs, drive by and take a look! This is BIG news! Take a photograph and spread the word that Climbing Tree Community School is officially open for enrollment!

Registrations will be taken “first come, first served” so enroll by May 21st to secure your space!

Click here for your Registration and Tuition forms, or enroll online.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process or would like to schedule a tour of our new campus, please reach out to April Turner at 520-344-4501, or email

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